Industrial-strength comfort

Tyvek® protective apparel combines durability with comfort, making it extremely versatile. From painting to composites, agriculture to crime scene investigation, Tyvek® offers a range of protective apparel to meet your needs. Make sure you have the right apparel for the job with SafeSPEC.

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Only Tyvek® makes the difference

All suits may look the same, but only Tyvek® stands out where you need it most–on the job. Tyvek® offers unmatched protection, improved breathability and better garment durability. Find the best protective coverall for your job with SafeSPEC™.

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Protection against chemical dangers

Tychem® offers reliable protection for everything from light liquid splashes and industrial chemicals to radioactive environments and chemical warfare agents. As a result, workers can feel confident that wearing Tychem® chemical suits will help them do the job at hand. Get the level of chemical protection you need with SafeSPEC.

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